Are You Fit for the Job? Why Companies Send You for a Pre-Employment Medical

Any extensive medical test can be daunting. However, if you have been asked to take a pre employment medical, then congratulations! This is the first of the final steps in you being hired; you are doing quite well! If you have any concerns, all your questions are covered below.

Why do employers require a medical check?

The best employers are those who take the health and general well being of their employees seriously, including understanding the risks associated with some occupational roles. A pre employment medical Hemmant companies use is structured to manage workplace risks with the intention of helping you avoid injury or illness.

It is a legal requirement and standards requirement that should be met for some occupations. Such standards include the Rail Safety workers medical, the Queensland Coal Board medical, and the Commercial and Heavy Vehicle driving medical.

Your medical assessment is part of the deployment or employment process for the assessment of how suitable you are for the job and work environment. The medical ensures that you are not increasing the risk of injury to yourself or colleagues at work.

Therefore, your employer only wants to ensure that there are no existing medical issues that put you and others on the job at risk.

What does a medical exam involve?

pre employment medical Murarrie companies use involves various aspects depending on the role you are taking on. At the very least, you are required to fill out a health assessment questionnaire and undergo the following examinations carried out by a healthcare professional:

Medical examination – This involves going for a comprehensive examination process that evaluates the condition of your sight, abdomen, heart, spine, and limbs. Some tests may also be carried out on your urine to check for blood and sugar.

Work fitness assessment – This pre employment medical exam is ideally carried out on individuals who will work in hot and remote environments.

Other assessments depend on the job you are going to take on. These include:

  • Chest x-ray
  • Audiometry – hearing test
  • Manual handling assessment
  • MRI and/or ECG
  • Spirometry – lung test
  • Fitness test

If you are unsure what test you should have, ask your employer.

Will you be screened for drugs and alcohol?

If a drug and alcohol screening is a statutory requirement for the job, then yes. However, this is something your employer will tell you about during the interview process.

When it is a statutory obligation, the drug and alcohol screening helps improve safety at the workplace. These tests are also done in a sensitive and professional manner. Please note that drug and alcohol screening is done before employment at random times or on request by the employer. Check Carina Medical for more information.

The screening checks for the presence of amphetamines, cannabis, methamphetamines, opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, and alcohol in your system. Remember that cannabis can stay in the body days or even weeks after occasional and regular use, respectively.


pre employment medical exam assures your new employer that you are physically and mentally capable of handling the responsibilities that come with your job. Carina Medical and Specialist Centre offers these and more services, including flu vaccination. If you would like more information, please get in touch with them. Visit for more details.

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