Why there will never be a perfect printer

What’s the most common computer peripheral to break down? 8 times out of 10 it’s always the printer. That’s why shops that offer printer repairs will never go out of business.

Anyone would rather fix whatever the problem themselves, but not everything can be solved by a DIY hack. However, if the printer seems broken beyond what the usual troubleshooting can fix, you can check over here for professional help.

Fixing the gadget aside, why do printers break down so easily?

Printers aren’t the product

It may surprise you, but printers are sold far cheaper than their actual value. The manufacturing costs are too high that no profits are made from their sales. And that doesn’t cover shipping and marketing expenses.

If this is the case, how do the companies make money? By selling you the ink! This is the reason why ink is so expensive. They recoup their losses by marking up the prices of the one product you’ll need from them. This is a sales method where they make an add-on for the “main” product to work.

How does this explain the need for printer repairs?

It lowers quality for one. Since the ink is the actual profit maker, less thought is given to the printer. Sure, it has fancy features but the actual machinery that goes inside isn’t given much quality control compared to other gadgets.

Gears and other parts are now made of plastic instead of metal these days. They may be sold at a loss, but that doesn’t mean they can’t save on production costs. This lowers the quality of printers compared to those made 10 or 20 years ago.

So if you find your printer makes funny noises and stops working, maybe you need to replace a gear or two. Each brand uses different internal parts. If your printer is HP you can find more info here for assistance.

It’s always the ink

Even before you resort to a technician for printer repairs, a good one you can check here, you’ll get a headache replacing the ink. It always runs out too soon, its print head clogs, or it starts leaking. Frustrating isn’t it?

Printer ink cartridges have this small chip inside that sends signals to your printer. Manufacturing companies say this is to ensure high-quality performance. This sends a message to your printer that the cartridge needs to be replaced. It relies on a counter, not the amount of ink inside. This can be annoying when you know you haven’t used the printer enough to use up all the ink. All to make you buy more cartridges.

As long as printer companies focus on selling you the ink, they’ll never make a printer that works well. Maybe someday they’ll decide to create better, sturdier and more reliable models. But until then there’s no way we can have the perfect printer.

Getting a good technician can be hard. Not all printer repair shops have the know-how for every brand. It’s best to get a technician with constant extensive training for the latest models. Visit https://printer-repairs.com.au for more information.