5 important cycling tips for beginners

Cycling is a healthy and fun hobby that’s definitely worth your time. If you are planning to embark on two-wheeled adventure, you can start checking bikes that will suit you at your local speed shop. However, as a beginner, you probably have a few questions in your mind about your new interest.

Do not worry, because all skilled cyclists started as beginners. It will not take long for you to get used to cycling culture. Pretty soon, you will be biking your way to work and will be having long-distance adventures in no time. We have here some tips that can make cycling fun for beginners like you:

1. Bike fit is important

Before buying a bike at any speed shop, you have to test drive it to see if it fits you. Most importantly, you should ask for assistance if the bike fits your reach and seat height.

Getting the proper reach means that your torso and arms must both make a 45⁰ angle towards the bike. If the reach is too short, your arms and knees will be too close to each other. However, if the reach is too long, you might experience back pains as a result of trying to reach the handlebars.

The proper seat height means having to bend your knees a little while one of your feet is at the pedal stroke position. Now, if you can’t wait to start shopping for bikes, you can check out this page.

2. Upgrade your gears later

As a beginner, the equipment you really have to invest are your bike, tools, pump and your helmet. Although it is nice to get the latest gear upgrades, however, as a beginner, you should focus more on enjoying your new hobby. You can worry about upgrading to advanced biking gears later on. You can check my site for your cycling gears for beginners.

3. Regular maintenance is important.

Just like getting a car, you also need to maintain your bike to prolong its life and to save money on repairs. Regular maintenance includes lubing your bike’s chain, and checking your bike’s tire pressure. To make things easier for you, you should buy from a speed shop that offers high-quality maintenance equipment and biking accessories. This way, you can easily keep your bike in a tiptop condition.

4. Avoid long-distance rides immediately

As a new cyclist, you should take things slow. Allow your body to adjust to this new activity. Do not go ride long distances, especially if you are alone. Also, as a beginner, do not start pedalling too fast as this can result in fatigue and burn out.

5. Follow traffic rules

Just like driving a car, you have to follow the traffic rules and road signs. Always be alert for cars in front, at the back and beside you to anticipate what they are going to do next. Also, do not wear earphones when cycling; this will prevent you from hearing commotions near you.

The mentioned tips above are just some of the basic things you need to know about cycling. If you need assistance, you can check over here for some good tips in choosing the right bike.