How to recycle more in the office

As more people become conscious about the environmental impact of human activity, the push for a more sustainable lifestyle is stronger than before. Businesses are now starting to adopt comprehensive and thorough recycling programs for their workplaces. But merely buying garbage bins for sale and calling it a day is only half the battle. Here are some tips to help you establish a good recycling program for your workplace.

Do your research

The first crucial step is understanding how much waste does your workplace throw out. Conduct a waste audit and find out which items compose your overall waste output. Understand how much of a certain item are you throwing out and how much are you currently recycling. Then figure out if you are maximizing the use of the things that you throw out. A lot of times, businesses throw out a large number of items that can still be used or upcycled.

Start with paper first

Change can be difficult especially if you are starting from scratch. It can be daunting to think about the enormous task ahead. To make change less scary and more doable, experts suggest starting with the biggest and most obvious recyclable. This is usually paper for most offices. Changing your printing habits can drastically decrease your waste paper. Buy recycle bins for sale and set them up near printers and copiers.

Increase awareness

Everyone should be involved in order for the recycling program to work. From upper management down to rank and file. Include recycling and waste mindfulness in the office culture by bringing it up in team meetings and conversations. Put up signs and posters that promote recycling and waste mindfulness. Buy a commercial bin for sale and encourage everyone to use these.

Put up upcycling stations where you can deposit used office supplies that can still be used by others, like folders, fasteners, and binders. It is surprising to see just how much-unused items are discarded just because a new batch has come in. Encourage people to deposit old but still usable supplies in the upcycle station and to check there first before getting a new one. See here at EcoBin

Invest in central recycling bins

Put up centralized garbage bins in the workplace. Buy commercial bins for sale that are large and highly visible for every waste category. Make sure these bins are he durable and properly labelled. Place them in easily accessible areas and places where waste is usually made like kitchens or pantries. This makes the change in habits as smooth as possible.

Remove personal bins

Now with centralized bins for garbage disposal, it’s time to remove those tiny personal bins. Discourage workers from buying garbage bins for sale for their desks. Instead, encourage them to use the central bins at all times. This means everyone has to stand up and go to the bins if they want to discard something. This, in turn, would make them more mindful of what they discard now. This may get resistance from the workers but as long as they are made aware of the positive impact that recycling does, this will eventually be adopted.

Get quality bins from a trusted supplier

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